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Meditation Mount, Ojai, CA

Louise Speaks:  This stop actually took place on December 28, 2014.   I’m posting this under January 1, 2015 because it is part of the first trip of many in 2015.  After taking off for a year, I had to start someplace.

bThe first stop on the trip was at Meditation Mount in Ojai, CA.  I thought it would be a peaceful place to stop and take a deep breath as I started on this new adventure.  There is no charge to explore the mount but they do ask for a donation.  It is a self guided trail that leads to a very tranquil place to just sit and enjoy one of the most beautiful, tranquil sites I have ever been.

2You start by walking through the circle of life pagoda that leads to several types of gardens.  There are so many types of flowers and water lillies in ponds with small water falls that you can’t tell which is more beautiful the sites or the sounds.  Meditation Mount is a sacred site on 32 acres of land at the east end of the Ojai Valley in Southern California. The Mount is a remarkable place of peace and beauty.  It is comprised of five separate buildings in and amongst extensive gardens. The premier structure is the auditorium featuring a mostly glass facade overlooking the Ojai Valley.  Most large gatherings are held here.  A meditation room is always open.  The office building includes a classroom and a visitor lounge, which offers a reading library, tea, fresh water and a cozy space for relaxing.  The remaining three buildings are residential, housing some staff and special overnight guests.

dsc_6602At the end of the trail, through the gardens, pass the ponds and waterfalls is an overlook view point that feels like you can see into heaven.  There is a bench to sit on and just take it all in.  What a great way to start a new journey.

This stop was not in Patricia’s book “1000 Places To See Before You Die” but it is worth a stop if you have a  the time.  It’s not my usual sort of stop but if you’re looking for something off the beaten path this is worth the detour.  I would give it a C rating, just because of the beauty.

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2014 Has Come and Gone

Well 2014 has come and gone without one single entry.  It has been a trying year with many emotional down falls…So many that it didn’t allow for even one trip.  Even though there were no trips, no sites, no adventures, no blog post, the desire to travel and explore was never off my mind.

Thelma and Louise went their separate ways in 2014 and one may not be certain if they flew off the cliff or not.  It was a wild ride for awhile with many mishaps, so it’s up to your own imagination to wonder what really happen.  2014 could be a story for CSI or Forensic Files to research and solve this mystery.

But 2015 has begun and it began with a trip.  A 10 day journey up the coast of sunny California actually did start in 2014 but I haven’t gotten around to blogging until now.  There is so much to see in the great state of California, that it is not going to be completed in one stretch…it is going to take many trips and many miles.  So be prepared to watch for the blog posts and hopefully this year will be the start of another great adventure.  This is Louis (Marlene) traveling the World, “One Page At a Time”.


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2014 In Review

Although no posts were recorded in 2014 that doesn’t mean that no one visited this site.  Over the past 3 years I have met many people and left business cards so that they could spread the word of my travels.  Thanks to Word Press, they give a yearly summary of just how much activity this blog received.  Those statistics are below.

For example, the concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. If this blog was a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

This blog was viewed about 8,300 times in 2014.

75 countries in all viewed this site with most visitors coming from The United States.                                 Canada & France were not far behind.

The busiest day of the year was August 30th with 165 views.

The most popular post that day was Steamboat Springs, Co. 

So keeping track is not done by me, but by wordpress.  I can guarantee 2015 will be an exciting, adventurous year, with many trips to share with you.  Thank you for being loyal and visiting this blog for your traveling needs.  I hope to take you along as I travel the world “One Page at a Time!”



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