Cattail Cove State Park, Lake Havasu, AZ

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  Louise Speaks:  Continuing with visiting all the State Parks in Arizona, we are visiting 3 on this trip.  As you know we started a mission last year to visit all the state parks in Arizona.  If the park offered camping, you had to camp overnight at the park for it to count.  This trip would have completed our list…EXCEPT…it appears that the State of Arizona is adding 3 new parks to their list in 2018 and two of them are to include camping.  If they keep adding parks, we may never complete this mission.  I’m thinking, this is it.  Whatever is open in 2018 is the end of our journey.  Any new additions will be bonus parks, but not on our “must see” list.

Cattail Cove State Park, is our first stop.  Located on Hwy. 95 it is just north of River Island State Park and just south of Lake Havasu State Park.  The park has a sandy beach, a boat ramp, and 61 campsites.  A fairly large park concidering there are 4 parks within 25 miles.  Cattail Cove offers a broad spectrum of activities for all to enjoy.  In addition to the regular campground there are also 32 boat-in campsites along the lake shoreline within the park.  So whether you’re interested in swimming, fishing or just lounging and relaxing, Cattail Cove State Park offers you and  a chance to get away and enjoy tranquility along Lake Havasu.  The 2,000-acre park first opened in 1970.

Lake Havasu itself was formed when the Colorado River was dammed near Parker.  The 45-mile long lake creates a haven for all kinds of water sports.  Here you can fish for large mouth and striped bass, channel and flat head catfish, bluegill and crappie.  You can also boat on the blue waters, sail into quiet coves, or water ski or jet ski out on the open lake.  The lake is wide in some areas and in others it is just the width of the river.

There are many things to do along the river.  Since this is a popular destination fro Spring Break and Snowbirds, the area is full of restaurants and bars galore.  Shopping and a Casino also offer ways to pass the time.  All and all camping along the river is the perfect place to be.  Since this is an unusual warm winter, even though it is February, temperatures are in the 70s.  Just doesn’t get any better than this.  However, come summer, you will find temperatures over 100 degrees…that’s why we are here in February.

Cattail Cove gets an A rating.  The location, less than 200 miles from home, the water, the things to do and the tranquillity of the water makes the perfect camping location.

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