Dankworth Pond State Park, Safford, AZ

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Louise Speaks:  As most of you know, we are trying to visit all the State Parks in Arizona.  Our list was almost complete, UNTIL Arizona decided to add new parks to the list in 2018.  At this rate we may never get this project complete.  At any rate, this park does not offer camping so it was just stop, look around, take pictures and we were on our way.




This new park is only 3 miles from Roper Lake State Park.  We’ve been to Roper Lake before, but that is where we are camping tonight after visiting Dankworth Pond State Park.  The park itself is very small but perfect for day outings.  There are ramadas, bbq grills, fishing and a playground.  The park has a fishing dock, and you can kayak or boat.  There is no boat launch available, so you  need a small trailer to get close to the waters edge to launch.  The Dos Arroys Trail and the replica Indian village are also nearby.

The pond and park are very small, but being that today is Sunday was very busy.  With Roper Lake being just 3 miles away, I don’t see any reason to stop here.  Roper Lake offers all that this park has and is much larger with dock and swimming beach.  So Dankworth Pond State Park, is not much to talk about, but we’ve been here so we can cross it off the list.

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