Memorial Park, Chino Valley, Arizona

Louise Speaks:  As we go through our travels we try to visit as many memorial or veteran memorials as possible.  As we were looking these places up in Arizona, we found there was one just miles from Prescott.  Chino Valley is a rural town 12 miles north of Prescott. As we were headed to Lake Havasu for some minor repairs on the RV we decided to check it out.

Turns out this memorial was to honor the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.  Of all the memorials we have seen, not one was in memory of 9/11 so this was unique.  It’s a small display of appreciation but very well done.  It is at the corner of the city complex park where the library, police station and government offices are located.


In the parking lot of the same park is a metal roadrunner.  Since our RV club is the Yavapai RoadRunners we always take pictures of roadrunners so this one was no exception.  It does however, go on the list of Quirky things to see.

Quirky Wickenburg and Wikieup, Arizona

Louise Speaks:  When driving to Lake Havasu for a minor RV repair, we decided to finish up some quirky things along the way.  Now we’ve blogged about Wickenburg before and seen many other Quirky things to enter into our Quirky book collection but we still had a few quirky things to see.

Wikieup is a very small town…nothing but a trading post, a restaurant and a few run down hotels.  But the area around town does have a few things worthy of stopping to see and at least take a picture…which is exactly what we did.  Wikieup is about midway between Phoenix and Las Vegas so a good place to stop and stretch or get a bite to eat.

Fake  Jail








Snoopy Rock
Snoopy on a Rocket Ship


Arizona seems to like Snoopy.  You can find other Snoopy shaped rocks in Sedona as well as here.






Best Pies In Arizona

The Hidden Oasis RV Park is full of metal sculptures including animals, people and even a musical band with music being played in the background.






Now Wickenburg is probably the most western town in Arizona besides Tombstone, so everything here has to do with cowboys and the wild west.  So what would be more fitting than a Large Spur welcoming you into town.  It is located inside the new roundabout as you enter town coming from Las Vegas.





These sites are pretty boring to most, but like I’ve said many times we are trying to finish the state of Arizona and that includes historical sites as well as some strange quirky things around the state.  So just bear with us and enjoy the journey.

Quirky Things in Yucca, Arizona

Louise Speaks:  Driving from Kingman to California along the I-40  you may have noticed these quirky things along the side of the road.  This time we actually pulled off the road to get an up close and personal view of these quirky things.


First site we came upon is the Truck on a Pole.  Now we actually have several of these sites throughout the country but this one is just about in our back yard. This truck on a pole is not your average pick up truck, it’s more of a semi without the trailer, but the tires sure were big,







If you go back so that you can get back on the freeway we saw a water tank.  Not really a big deal, but it’s what was written on the water tank.  Now seeing water for sale in a convenience store is not a big deal, but seeing it for sale on the town water tank, I just thought that was a bit strange.




The biggest attraction on the I-40 in Yucca is the Golf Ball House.  This odd structure looks like a cross between a giant golf ball and a spaceship.  It has three levels and measures 40 feet in diameter.  Lake Havasu Estates built it in 1976 as a restaurant and cocktail lounge for a land developer.  The company eventuallu went bankrupt,

After sitting empty for years, new owners eventually purchased the structure, built a store on the property, renamed it Area 66, and decorated the property with small aliens and other curious objects.  The giant golf ball housed 3,400 square feet of living space, including a kitchen, living room, bedrooms and several bathrooms. The owner has added aliens walking up the ramp and space ships.  It’s not open to the public, but you can drive up to it to take pictures of house and added tourist attractions around the property.  Last I heard was that  it has not been used as a home for several years and has been remodeled and will soon open as a museum.  We did see people walking around so it looked like a residence to me and the store did appear open but we didn’t go in.

Anyone who has ever driven on the I-40 thru Yucca has seen these sites, so next time, pull off for a few minutes and get an up close look…just to say you did!