Quirky Prescott, Prescott, AZ

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Louise Speaks:  I have posted about Prescott before, but there are a few Quirky things, or things that are just nice to look at.  Prescott holds a lot of history, too much to express in a post here but some things I just want or have to share.

Seems like we have seen more Muffler Men, or large Paul Bunyon type statues as we travel coast to coast, and Prescott has their own.  The Prescott muffler man, like many others,  have served as many different characters. Some of these statues held axes, some have held hot dogs and some hold nothing.  At one point, this Muffler Man held a deck of cards as he stood out front of a game store.  Once the game store closed, the cards went away.  Today, he stands empty handed out front of the Big Johnson’s Store.


Prescott is also home to many statues of western characters that had a role in making Prescott what it is today.  Cowboys  and horses to make you stop and wonder what tales they could tell.  Many of these statues are life size and some seem to be larger than life.






There is also a veterans memorial with soldiers in combat dress, armed with weapons and standing below the American flag.

Lastly in front of the Prescott Fire Station is a bronze statue of a Fire fighter ready to go battle the blazing flames.

So these are not really Quirky but they are different and warrant to be mention in this blog and have their own post.

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