Sonoita Creek State Natural Park, Patagonia, AZ

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Louise Speaks:  At the same entrance as Patagonia State Park, is the entrance to the Sonoita Creek State Park.  Very similar to San Rafael, it is a nature area that is great for hiking and even bird watching.  The park itself is basically a parking lot where you park and then decide what you want to do.  There are hiking trails, picnic tables and cactus gardens for your enjoyment.  Horseback riding and hunting is also allowed at Sonoita Creek State park.   The Sonoita Creek runs thru the nature area but today the creek is bone dry. ..but I bet it is pretty with water running thru it.  The Patagonia State Park Visitor Center also serves as the visitor center for Sonoita Creek as well.

The Visitor Center houses a permanent exhibit that includes a large three-dimensional model of the Natural Area with topographical contours, trails and campsites.  There is also a list of recently seen birds,  several reptiles including a Gila monster and a children’s’ table with books, crayons and activities.  Also available for free are natural history brochures, articles, publications, posters, bird lists, Jr. Ranger activity booklets for children, and local tourist information.   A library with hundreds of references is available for guests to use on site.  Binoculars are loaned to guests participating in a guided activities.  A self-guided plant walk around the Visitor Center provides an introduction to local plants.


We were only here a few minutes to check out the area and the cactus that were in bloom.  It would be a nice area if I was interested in any of the things the area is designed for.

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