Titan Missile Museum, Green Valley, AZ

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Louise Speaks:  After spending 5 days in Patagonia, it was time to head home and do laundry before our next trip.  But on the way home, of course there is an attraction to see.  It’s not on our Quirky list, but it is one of the Roadside America attractions,m so we had to stop.

The Titan Missile Museum, is an important Atomic Tour sight.  Here you will find a fully restored missile base, a relic of the Cold War.  The cold war may be over but the last symbol of that episode can be seen in a missile silo 20 miles south of Tucson along Interstate 19.   The silo is a hundred feet underground and much of it is open to the public.  The whole visit , missile silo tour, museum, and outdoor display, can be seen in about an hour.  The stairs down into the silo are steep and not suitable for small children or handicapped.  Cameras are allowed.

Although this seemed very interesting, it just wasn’t something we wanted to spend an hour seeing.  So we drove through the parking lot, took pictures of things on the grounds, got back in the RV and we were on our way.  But, if this is something you think you might enjoy, it is very easy to find and is easy off and on the freeway.

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