Hi There…my name is Marlene and I have the travel bug.  I was fortunate enough to find a friend named Elaine who has turned out to be more of a sister than a friend, and as luck would have it, she has the travel bug too.  All we do is talk about where are we going to go next.  Now that we are on our own, our children are grown and out of the house, we have taken to the idea that we are going to go until we can’t go no more.

This idea for the blog came from our desire to travel.  Several years ago while watching the Travel Channel, a couple was touring Italy.  During the show they kept referring to pages from a book.  The book was titled “1,000 Places To See Before You Die”.  Of course we ran out and bought the book.

It was from this book that we planned a 27 day trip to Italy and other places in Europe.  This was actually going to be a cruise but with added land adventures before and after the cruise to extend our stay in Italy.  The excursions while on the cruise were based on places to see from this book.  We managed to cross several off the list.  However, in doing so, we asked ourselves, How did this place make the book?  We also saw many other things in our course of travels and asked, How did this place NOT make the book.  It was due to these two questions that we decided to start logging and blogging about our trips and make our own conclusions.

From the book, we noticed there were very few pages that covered the United States and Canada.  The author, Patricia Schultz, must have come to the same conclusion because she wrote a second book titled, “1,000 Places to See in the United States and Canada Before You Die”.  Now that there was a book specifically for where we live, we began our journey.

Since Elaine and I are both teachers we have 3 months off in the summer as well as two weeks off in December, a week for Spring Break and several other long weekends throughout the year.  We started traveling to places that we could drive to from our home in Prescott.  We try to stay to 3 day trips averaging about 1,000 miles per trip, and crossing off about 15 places per journey.

Now should you read these two books, you will find that there are more than 1,000 places listed in the book because of how Patricia lists her findings.  She has one main heading, but then within that heading she will list several other points of interests such as restaurants, resorts, and museums.  What we try to do is see the main listing  then also go to as many of the sub listings  as possible.

By trying to go through both books and let you know how to find these places, we are going to list pages at the end of each destination.  For the International Book it will be listed for example as INT…page ??? for the United States and Canada, it will be listed as AM…page ???.  Some destinations are in both books and will be listed accordingly.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas in my candy apple red convertible, we were going over Hoover Damn, with the top down of course, and people were actually taking photos of us taking photos of the new bridge.  Someone called out that we were having too much fun and called us “Thelma and Louise”.  From that trip forward we have referred to ourselves as Thelma and Louise and have enjoyed our adventure.  Since we both have different opinions about the places we visit, the blog is set up so that both Elaine and I can have our say about each destination.  So you will see “Louise Speaks”…that’s me Marlene, and when you see “Thelma Speaks” that’s Elaine.

Our intent was simply to travel and then scrap-book about our adventures.  However, in doing so only those lucky enough to see our scrap-book would be able to share in our journey.  So we decided to turn our scrap-book into a living blog where we can share our travels, experiences and our opinions with everyone who cares to come along for the ride.  This is going to be an awesome adventure and a journey we will never forget.  Please come and travel with us to see the world…one page at a time.

ThelmaLouise42014 UPDATE:

It has now been three years since this blog has been in effect.  Lots has happened since the last post in July of 2013.    But I am still traveling strong and want to continue with the original plan to complete the books, “1000 Places To Go Before You Die”.  The year 2014 will end with one final trip of the year and then 2015 is set to begin.  I hope you continue to travel with me.

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