OOPS……Things Have Changed!

Dear Followers;

Since moving to Canada and leaving Thelma, aka Elaine behind,  I  was thinking of changing the theme for the blog.  Without Thelma there can be no more Thelma and Louise, although we are still planning trips together.

Today I was looking around for new theme ideas.  Normally when doing this I was given the option to see what it would look like BEFORE I decide what theme to select.  Well today that didn’t happen.  When I clicked on Customize, BAMM…it appears I have selected a new theme.  The old blog, previous posts,  may seem more out of sequence or it may even look better.  However, this new theme gives me so many more options, especially when inserting pictures.  I’m hoping you like the changes and will continue to read along.

So not to worry, the address is the same, the process is the same, and the idea is the same, I’m still Traveling the World One Page At A Time, just doing it alone or with a different travel partner each trip.  Which means if you’re interested in filling the passenger seat on the next adventure…just let me know.  My next adventure is just days away!


Until we meet again, Marlene.

DAY 18: Los Angeles, California

We have docked.  By the time we opened the curtains we could see the shores of Los Angeles.  Today is not only goodbye to the Norwegian Star it is also my goodbye the three very dear friends.  They are all flying back to Phoenix, Arizona but I am staying in Los Angeles for two more weeks before returning to Canada.

Disembarking the ship seems to be taking forever.  They are trying to have you leave the ship by color.  We had our luggage picked up last night so this morning we took our time, had breakfast and waited for RED to be called.  We waited and waited and it seemed to be taking forever.  Normally I would be grateful for this extra time with my friends.  But, Liz has a daughter getting married TOMORROW, and she has to be home this afternoon for a wedding dinner.  So while she’s hoping they call our number soon, I’m saying it’s okay if we wait a bit longer.

Finally they call red and we leave the ship…but wait, now we have to go thru customs.  An advantage of traveling with me and returning to the USA is that I am able to board and dsembark first because I am not a US citizen.  And when they call non citizens, my entire group gets to go with me.  So good for Liz, we were able to disembark quickly and were outside on the curb before you knew it.  Now to get a taxi.  Of course they need a taxi for 3 people and at least 6 pieces of luggage.  I only had to wait for my son in law to pick me up at the curb.

So we gave our hugs and said our goodbyes, and I saw 3 of my dearest friends get into a yellow taxi and drive away.  They made their flight and arrived back in Phoenix in time for Liz’s dinner.  I arrived at my daughters and prepared for a great 2 week visit that included Christmas.

What a great month this has been.  So many things crossed off the bucket list and it truly was a trip that will never be forgotten.  Thank you Elaine, Liz and Martha for sharing this journey with me.  I do believe we put a whole new meaning to idea of girl trip.

DAY 17: Our Last Day at Sea

Well the last sea day has arrived.  We arrive in Los Angeles tomorrow and our cruise will be over.

What is there left for me to share with you?  I have showed you places to eat and drink on the ship.  All things to do from sports, to fun, to relaxation.  I didn’t share the night life in the Star Theater with Vegas and Broadway type shows, but only because photography was not allowed.  But I did share with you everything else there is to do or know about the Norwegian Star.  Everything that is except…..TOWEL  ANIMALS!  What would a cruise be without them?  If you have ever cruised, it is a common site in your cabin, each and every night.  I am missing a few pictures because like I said before, I am still waiting for pictures from Elaine, but I am posting here the ones that I have.  It became something to look forward to each night and to see what animal would be waiting for us…and to see what animals Martha and Liz found in their cabin.

So until tomorrow when we arrive in Los Angeles, and say good bye to the Norwegian Star!