Crossing the Border: Michigan: Day 22: July 6, 2016

20160706_161128Louise Speaks:  After leaving Sudbury we headed towards Saulte Ste. Maria which is where we were going to enter the USA.  I better never hear again about border security or racial profiling.  As we approached 100_9784the border, it is a window, like a toll both.  The border patrol for the USA slides open the window and asks for our papers.  We hand him everything, he looks at them…I guess he looked at them, and hands them back.  Now remember we are two people with two passports from two different countries, and no questions.  Because we don’t have to have front license plates in AZ, and we have the plates from an RV 100_9787club, he asks us what state that is.  We tell him it’s a club.  He says what plates are on the back?  We said Arizona.  He says have a nice trip.  ARE YOU SERIOUS??  We have an RV.  With enough storage bins to hold a dozen people and he doesn’t even look inside??  REALLY??  So they only search vehicles where the driver looks suspicious?  This border security for both countries is a joke.

20160706_162201So it was a very easy crossing and we were back in the states and in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  What beautiful country.  We drove right along the lake and the homes were huge.  What a great place to live.  We were glad to be back in the states where the speed limit was now in miles and we could figure out the cost of a gallon of gas.

20160706_215130We drove until nightfall and found a beautiful wooded campground.  It felt like we were in the enchanted forest it was so green.  Starting tomorrow we start to see Thelma’s family and friends and she gets to start blogging and I get a rest.  What a trip this has been.