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Day 10 and 11: Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York

100_9597Louise Speaks:  I am now getting very anxious about getting to Canada.  If it wasn’t for that lake (Lake Michigan) we could have been there by now.  But because of the lake we have go go through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York before crossing the border.

100_9621After spending the night in Elkhart, IN we did 325 miles all the way to Conneaut, OH., our next nights stop.  We decided not to stop and see any sites as we know we have to come back and do all of these states individually so it was put the foot to the pedal and get us to Canada.

thFrom Conneaut, OH to Niagara Falls is only 149 but we do have to go through Pennsylvania, New York and get through the border.  My plan is to be at my aunts in time for dinner.


thWe decided to get gas in Irving, New York, just before arriving in Buffalo.  With us being able to go over 600 miles on a fill up we are guessing we won’t need gas at all while in Canada.  We have no idea how much gas will cost in Canada and they use liters not gallons, so to save all the confusion we’ll just get gas state side.

Crossing the border was an experience in itself, so I’ll blog about that separate.  Next Stop the Border.