Summer Trip 2016—Day 1: June 15

Louise Speaks:  Day 1:  Well it’s that time of year again.  We are on our summer trip heading to Canada.  We don’t have an exact time frame since we don’t have to get back to work or have any other obligations.  What we do know is that this trip is probably going to take us through 15 states…even that isn’t a certainty as we have not planned our return route yet.  That being said, this trip is another Thelma and Louise adventure.  We hope you enjoy tagging along.

100_9301We started our journey in Mesa and headed to Prescott to have a few final things done to the RV before we started our journey.  From there it was off to Winslow, AZ.  Now we have been here before and have written about Winslow several times.  Once while passing through and “standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona” and then again when we did Route 66.  I took a picture of this giant guitar on the corner of Route 66 for my son in law Matt.  Today however was not about Winslow or Route 66 but because we were doing some “quirky” things we found to see and to give us a reason to stop.

100_9293Winslow High School is home to the Bulldogs, so it seemed fitting that they would have a giant Bulldog just down the street from the high school.  I’m sure people thought we were out of our minds to stop and take a picture of this giant dog…but we did.

100_9295From the Bulldog it was off to down town Winslow and the famous Route 66.  This structure is said to be the smallest church on Route 66, but it can compete as the smallest church in America.  It is only 7 feet by 4.5 feet and has two benches and an alter that can sit two people and a minister.  This so called church was built with the lumber from the historic Skylark Bar which was torn down at this very spot.  The window in the church is from the old Mormon church in Winslow.

100_9308On the outskirts of town is a 9-11 Remembrance Garden.  I think every city in Arizona is part of this tradition as this is at least the third memorial we have seen.  These two long metal pieces are from the actual twin towers and have been placed in a large park area complete with parking and places to walk around.  It is a very somber feeling when you can still see the burned torched sections of the pillars.

thWe decided to stay over night in Winslow for two reasons.  One because it was getting late and we had a late start and two because another one of our goals is to camp at all the State Parks in Arizona.  Turns out Winslow is home to the Homolovi State Park Campground.  Although it is in the middle of nowhere it is a very nice park.  At night we could see the traffic going east and west on Interstate 40 as well as seeing the night lights of Winslow.  There are shade trees, great showers and each camp site has a fire pit, a bar-b-Que pit and a picnic table.  The parking spaces are paved and you’re not very close to your neighbors.  Although there was no wifi, you can pick up all the local TV stations.  I would definitely stay here again.  It’s nice and close enough off the I-40 to make an easy off and on if you need a place to camp over night.

Today was a good day.  We didn’t keep track of our time as there was a major accident on I-40 that actually had the freeway closed for close to an hour.  Then since we left Affinity RV late and just got off to a late start, time was not a factor.  But we did see all we meant to see and were hooked up at our camp site by 6:00.  We only did 260 miles today, but at least we are on the road and heading East.